Confessions of a Time Traveler - Solo Show- 2018
The Jerusalem Artists house

The perception of reality is reconsidered upon viewing Zoe Grindea’s works, in which the mythical and the mystical blends with the mundane. Within the silence and chaos of the everyday life, a much broader reality is projected, the one which emerges in our dreams as well as in moments of inspiration.

Grindea’s work is akin to interstellar travel which outlines routes of destiny and paths of choice, striving to find meaning in the grand events occurring in our world. On this voyage, the inner world of the multidimensional self is projected into the space-time continuum in which several realities are feasible. Grindea transforms herself and her photographed family members into a time travelers who connects the dots on her route.

The featured body of work reflects landmarks in the evolution of mankind, while incorporating the biblical Creation myth and addressing its symbols. The works forcefully echo the jolts characteristic of the transition from old to new paradigms in the modern era, much like the blurring of boundaries nowadays between science fiction and actual science.