As a woman and an artist I find that I have to confront
the cultural differences that combine my identity; the gap between the European Christian cultures that surrounded me as a child in Paris place that shaped me through my childhood – to the middle eastern Israel where i formed into a woman . Between the child I was then to the mother I am now; between the daily mundane to the adventures and wonders of motherhood; between my own intimate space, and my art which is my sanctuary away from the world, both real and fantasy.

The availability and easy access to photography these days transpires in to narcissist self obsessing of ourselves, our children and our close surroundings, making ourselves into objects of adoration, icons in our own lives. Out of this critical and cultural view, for the past four years my photography has become more and more intuitive, I capture my everyday life at home, with me and my children
I seek the meaning of my own motherhood and the raising of my children, and with that, the raw materials that compose my home environment. The photographing is being executed at home, in natural light, using a pocket camera. Using different accessories, that are available to me around the house, I design and direct each time a different set and scene in the living room, bed rooms, hall or bathroom.
In these homely and simple conditions I create a world of fantasy, where I wear and shed different identities, and design an elaborate and intricate but honest composition. The images reveal a mixture of mythological symbolism, superstitious beliefs, religion and atheism, seduction and rejection, the mundane and the sublime.
Photography for me is a language, a tool which I use to deal with questions of gender and sexual identities, motherhood , womanhood , different culture secret desires and clichés. Every picture I take is re-examining the boundaries of the medium; of aesthetic values identified with the history of art; and undermining the conventional way of defining beauty.

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